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Every culture with its own uniqueness and values. As for the Yorubas, they are rich in culture and values, and these are in most cases coherent with the biblical and quranic order of a perfect living. One of the riches of Yoruba cultures is the value attached to an intermediary (Alarina) between lovers, towards a successful marriage.

The major roles of Alarina in Yoruba culture are numerous. As numerous as the roles are, one basic thing about it is the place of giving information. Alarina gives information of a side to the other about the individual lover or the family as a whole. Scientists of today agreed on so many things that are hereditary in nature. These could range from attitudes to sicknesses. The Alarina exposes such hereditary factors of each family to avoid continuity of such trend in the new family.

Though, as great as Alarina might sound or be, it is gradually becoming a thing of the past. It's relevance is not as strong as it was in the days before civilization. In order to rekindle the profession of its importance in our society many have decided to take up the job using modern day technique, methodology and I.T. solution.


From research many of the failed and crashed marriage had no input of Alarina or a Relationship Guide, majority were bases on social media and recommendation without concrete spiritual background, findings and intelligence. The social media is taking the place of Alarina now. There are several websites where singles are mingled. The youths of today care less about the history of any family. All matters to them is the individual. This has a great negative ripple effect on the society because social media and the carelessness of this youth for this generation, the care less about the history, spiritual matters and temperament of the family or suitor.

The world seems to be in the era of individualism. In the time past, the individual or even the family is not enough to predict a home. The Yoruba go as far as the town of origin to determine how peaceful a home could be. As the case may be virtual reality cannot take the place of spirituality and humanity when it comes to relationship and marriage.

For most Single Parents finding potential partner to spend the rest of their lives with can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. If you have encountered problems, disappointments and broken hearts again and again whether on dating sites, or in bars, clubs, churches, mosques or in open gatherings or through recommendation, NSPL Alarina Relationship Guide, a Nigerian based Match Making Professional Agency, dedicated to finding genuinely unattached serious, dedicated and ready Single - Bachelor or Spinster and like-minded Single Parent Partners.

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Oladipupo O. Iyowun

NSPL Founder, Minister of the Gospel, Trauma Healing Facilitator, Relationship Guide, Counsellor, Therapist and Match-Making Professional


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